Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions are below. Please let us know if you have additional questions.

What sensors do you support?

We support virtually all types of grid sensors, including transmission and distribution synchrophasors, digital fault recorders, continuous point on wave, smart meter/AMI, power quality, SCADA, and many more.

What per stream sampling rate can your platform support?

Our platform can handle time series data up to 1GHz or 1 billion samples per second per stream. We can also handle much slower time series data.

What is the largest cluster that you have deployed and tested?

We recently demonstrated the PingThings platform ingesting and processing over 130 million measurements per second.

Do you deploy cloud or on premise?

Our main focus is the cloud, due the numerous scalability advantages and constant upgrades and enhancements that we can roll out. However, the entire platform is containerized, orchestrated by Kubernetes, and we can deploy on premise.

What cloud providers do we support?

The PredictiveGridTM can be deployed in Amazon AWS, AWS GovCloud, and Microsoft Azure. Deployment in other clouds is possible given customer interest.

What industries do you support?

Our primary focus is the energy transition. However, we have used the PingThings time series data platform to support transportation, geological, health care, and smart city data.

Is your platform a multi- or single tenant system?

We are both. For larger customers, like electric utilities, we tend to run the platform as a single tenant system. For smaller customers, we tend to use a multi-tenant configuration to offer the lowest price possible.