From AMI to synchrophasors and beyond.

All of your sensor data in one place instantly at your finger tips.

What is the PredictiveGrid™ ?

A horizontally scalable, ultra-high performance platform for time series data of any frequency ...

... that can handle and version all of the data needed to place sensor data in physical context.

All the built-in power tools to understand, analyze, learn from, and build with data.

A rapidly growing suite of applications driven by sensor data and an active, expert user community.

Instantaneous Data Visualization

Effortlessly interact with all of your data regardless of the sample rate of the sensor or the number of streams. Any and all work with time series data starts with understanding the streams.

Custom Dashboards

Design, build, and deploy custom dashboards driven by any and all of the data in the PredictiveGrid platform easily and quickly using our customized Grafana backend.

Low-Code Analytical Applications

Data at rest is useless. With the PredictiveGrid, your engineers and data scientists can easily build and iterate on analytical applications securely running as web applications without need front end engineering support or development. Unleash the talent that you already have to develop the next generation of grid applications.